Both sides of the Atlantic

A campaign by HW Yeats

Both sides of the Atlantic

Hi, my name is HW Yeats, and welcome to my book campaign. I'm half way between New York and London. I'm looking to "Katapult my Book" so I can edit and print the first edition of "Both Side of the Atlantic". The manuscript is ready. I will be posting a few different rewards, from signed books to a launch party after the campaign is over. Please note that the campaign is still not open to contributions. If you are interested in me letting you know when it is please use the contact form in the home at Katapult Books to reach out.

Both Sides of the Atlantic is a collection of letters to a friend. The story evolves around letters written by Hunter to Nathan, a friend he has never meet.

"Hunter had been traveling for too long. Ever since he was 10 years old, since that first trip to England. Almost thirty years later, he is making one final trip to meet face to face with Nathan."