How does this platform work

Self publish and launch book releases

How does it work?

Our platform enables self publishing authors to set in motion book releases and reach their audience. Not only books, but also through rewards that readers can obtain; such as signed copies, special editions, workshops, book signing events, among others.

What is Katapult Books?  

It is a platform that facilitates a way for authors to self publish and finance their book releases through the pre-sale of products or services, including the book itslef. This allows the author to invite their audience to acquire books and rewards that will be delivered within a short timeframe after the campaign is over. We can help you throughout the way up until the print and delivery of the books and rewards.   

Why Katapult Books? 

We believe that authors should have tools available to self publish without having to necessarilly rely on publishing houses. With our platform authors will be able to know in advance how many books to produce, as well as being able to interact with authors through rewards that can be acquired through book campaigns. We can help you Katapult your book!  

Where supply meets demand 

The main dilemma when self publishing has always been how many books should authors produce. If too many are printed, then authors will end up with a huge stack of books in their basement. If too few are printed, there will be unfulfilled demand. Our platform allow authors to reach the audience with the exact amount of books that will be sold, not only being the most efficient way to publish books, but also the most environmentally friendly.

No budget required 

To launch a book campaign you don't need to have any budget. But if you do, it will help us promote the campaign on social media and paid ads. Our platform is free to use and we will only charge a small fee once the campaign has reached the campaign goals. This helps us cover payment systems expenses, as well as platform fees.

Editing, printing and distribution 

When you launch a campaign you will have the option for us to take care of editing, printing and distributing the books and rewards. We have an in-house team but also use selected third parties for fulfillment, aiming to maximize the value of our services. You will see a rundown of the cost for each book before you launch the campaign. If you choose to edit, print and distribute the book yourself you can still do so, but we will need to approve your cost rundown before we the campaign is launched.


How to create book campaigns?

What are book campaigns  

Our platform enables you to create book campaigns. These will be always connected to the release of a new book or a new edition of an existing book. When you launch a campaign you will be able to create rewards. Some examples of rewards for a books campaign:

1. One book
2. Signed edition of a book
3. Bundles of books (for re-sellers or bookshops)
4. Bundles of signed books
5. Remote workshop with the author about writing styles
6. Remote presentation from author talking about the book
7. Book signing event at a local bookshop

Readers will be able to acquire rewards when the campaign begins. This will enable authors to start producing the book (editing, illustrations, printing and distribution). As the campaign progresses and the rewards are being acquired, you will see a progress bar that will show completion upon the target that has been set for the campaign to be a success.

Who can create a book campaign?  

Any person in the United States. We can fulfill to all states. We accept authors that have anything from a manuscript to a released book, and wishes to self-publish a new edition.

What's the cost of creating a book campaign?  

It's free. You can create as many campaigns for as many books as you want. At the end of the campaign we will charge a % of the total amount contributed to cover our expenses and keep the platform running. This will be agred upon previously with each author.

What can you expect from us?  

We have been helping authors launch books for over five years through the use of technology. We provide the technology for authors to self publish books and reach their audiences, and for readers to acquire books at a discounted price, as well as limited editions, and books that are not published. In the end, both authors and readers make it happen!

How can I create a book launch campaign?  

To create a campaign you need to register a new user, and access your profile section. In the profile section you can see under "My campaigns" the option to create a new campaign. After you launch the book campaign our team will get in touch to check everything is in order and approve the campaign. You can choose for the campaign to be visible to readers, or only to you. Some authors prefer to share directly the campaign with their network and it will not be visible in the platform for others to see (stealth campaign).

How is traffic generated for camapaigns?  

Authors are accountable for generating traffic for the book campaign once it has been launched. One of the recipes for a successful book launch is to have a well nurtured network of potential readers, and being able to reach out through social media or email once the campaign has started. We encourage authors to try and promote the campaign through any professional or alumni network they are part of. We will also promote the campaigns in our social media accounts, and if the author has initial budget we will be able to pay ads in instagram or google ads (this does not guarantee the campaign will be a success, but it can definitely help to bring in traffic).

When will I receive the funds?  

You will receive the proceeds from the campaign up to 15 days after the campaign is over. We will also send a separate invoice for the platform commision, which we can deduct from the proceeds from the campaign. We will include a full rundown of costs before you launch the campaign so there is clarity about how much will you end up receiving.