Readers and campaign contributors

Self publish and launch book releases

Readers make it happen!

Readers and contributors are the cornerstone for a successful book launch. Readers can acquire books that are yet to be published, rare editions, signed copies and rewards tailored by authors.

Why should I get books here?  

Readers can access books that are unlikely to be found in retail and can acquire rare content directly from the author. Self published books at our platform are generally around 30% cheaper than finding the book in retail. It's also an opportunity for bookshops to find and acquire unpublished books at a discounted rate.   

Where does my money go? 

Amounts contributed by readers will be allocated to obtain a copy of the book or a specific reward when the campaign ends. Your contribution is helping the author to kickstart their book release and pay for their editing, printing and distribution expenses. If the author enables us to fulfill distribution we are fully accountable for having the book reach your doorstep after the campaign ends. This will be stated in the campaign description.  

Are my payments secure? 

Our platform is secure and we use Stripe as our main payment management service solution. It's safe and accepts all major credit and debit cards.

What if I contribute and I want to cancel? 

Up until 15 days before the campaign ends you can cancel your contribution. Please contact us at katapult@katapultbooks.com so se can manually revert the transaction.

How long will it take for my books to be shipped? 

We estimate you will have a copy of the book between 30 and 60 days after the campaign is over, but that timeline can vary. You can always get in touch with us to get a progress report. There are several factors that can delay the delivery, but we will try our best to keep to that timeframe.